I’m a health and wellness coach who works with women who are ready for a change.

They need help taking that first step and continuing in the right direction (without turning back to the old ways).  They want to feel good in their own skin, have peace, and less anxiety/depression.

I encourage them to step forward in confidence as they create their bodies to be temples for the Holy Spirit.  Together we work to get their food, eating, and habits back on track so they can jump back into life.  I’ll help calm those fears so they can make the changes they want to see.  They’ll learn the exact steps they need to get out of that rut and start living again.


 If you’re ready to feel good in your own skin, take control of your eating habits, and jump back in and live again, Click Here to learn more.  


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We are lucky. 

Very lucky to live in a place where we have freedom.  We can go and do and be what we want.  We are not under tyrannical rule.  We can walk our streets safely and worship as we please.  

And yet, so many of us feel so trapped.  So imprisoned.  So stuck.

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