What adventure are you craving?  Do you know how to make it happen?  What is getting in the way?  We all have roadblocks to overcome in life.  It all depends on how we react and who we have to support us through those trying times that determines the outcome.

  Who is in your support group, your tribe?  Do they fill you up or drain you?  One way to cope is making self-care a priority.  This doesn’t mean we’re selfish.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  When we care for ourselves we are much better equipped to care for others.  What is one thing you can do today to fill your cup so that it can be poured out for others?

If you need help with the answers to these questions or just how to walk through life gracefully I’d love to be one of your guides and hold you accountable to be the best you there can be.  I’m here for you!

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