Getting That News

Recently, I drove to town to take a yoga class (yoga teachers need yoga classes too!).  While I was in town I received some news that changed the course of my life, my path.  Or at least what I thought was my path.

I had planned on purchasing a yoga studio that was already a thriving business.  And I was actually going in to town to take a class at said studio.  The owner met me before class and told me she had received a deposit from someone else for the purchase of the studio that morning.

I tried not to let the complete disappointment show.  I was kind, calm, and friendly.  But inside I was a little angry and very disappointed.  This could’ve been a break for me!  This could’ve been exactly what would help my health coaching business get off the ground.  This could’ve been an opportunity for some cash that I desperately needed.

But it wasn’t.

And sometimes life is like that.  Sometimes, we get started down one path and quickly (or sometimes slowly) realize that wasn’t THE path.

But I was excited!

Yes, and perhaps something wasn’t quite right for me.  Something that I didn’t, and still don’t, understand.  Yet, I trust.

I trust in the path God has laid out for me.  I trust that God will lead me to the right thing.  And maybe that thing is right where I am.  Maybe I just need to be still for one moment.  Stillness is very hard for me (That’s a whole other blog post! HA!).

So, when life takes a 180, or a 360, or just spinning in circles, perhaps it’s time for rest, stillness, and listening.  I’m giving it a try.  Want to join me?

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