Changes Are Coming

It’s been one year since Ignite Life Health and Wellness Coaching was officially opened, and I’ve learned so much along the way!

One thing that has been a struggle for me is honing in on exactly what I want to help people with.  And, I have finally discovered exactly that (or I am finally allowing myself to acknowledge it anyways).

When God spoke to me several years ago and told me He wanted me to encourage women with my story I was devastated.  I had been waiting for years and years for Him to tell me what it was He wanted me to do.  And I didn’t want to do THAT! – because my story isn’t pretty.  (It’s more than just my struggle with gut health, pain, anxiety, depression, perfectionism…)

BUT… I knew God would have His way – one way or another.  So, I started telling my story to a few people, and it turned out better than I had expected.  (And I’m sure I’ll be telling it to more people soon.)

Out of all this struggle and God’s call on my life I became a health and life coach.  AND I am still going to be a health and life coach.  AND I am going to be including more faith based information to help women create their bodies to be temples for the Holy Spirit.  This is important to me because my faith is the most important thing in my life.  I’m certainly not perfect, and I have much to learn.  That’s why I work on it daily with prayer, study, Bible reading, meditation…

I am motivated by God and my relationship with Him.  I am motivated by feeling like the decisions I make about my body and life are honoring the way God wants me to live.  I want to share the peace, love, and health that I have found – even in the midst of all my messiness.  I can’t explain it, but I sure can share it.

So, as I move forward I will be striving to allow the ebb and flow of change come – even as hard as change can be.  If I hold on too tightly with clenched fists then tension becomes so fierce I can’t even move.  And, as I am allowing my fists to relax – even the littlest bit – I am already feeling more peace and calm.

Be on the lookout for an updated logo and a new focus on posts and services.  I look forward to serving you in this new way.

With Peace and Love,


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