How to Get Healthy- the EASY way

When I ask my clients about their goals so many of them say, “I want to get healthier,” or “I want to eat healthier.”

And so many times when people try this on their own they start with ALL the changes at one time. You might be able to sustain this for a short time, but eventually this is going to be too hard to follow through. And it’s not fun either.

So, how can you get healthy the EASY way?

Start by changing only ONE thing at a time. And here’s why:

Your brain is responsible for keeping you safe and making sure you belong. And when you try to change everything all at once your brain kind of freaks out. It thinks, “I don’t know what is going to happen when all these things are changed, so you should probably just go back to doing things the way you used to. I know what the result of those things are and it feels safe.”

When you change only one thing at a time your brain doesn’t feel as overwhelmed. It might still freak out a bit, but it’s easier to convince your brain that one change is safe rather than 800 changes at once.

So, what would that look like in real life?

If you want to get healthier then one of your goals probably has to do with what you eat. If you’re currently eating the SAD Diet (Standard American Diet) then there are many things that need to change to be healthier. Let’s start with one thing like choosing fruit instead of candy. OR drinking water instead of diet soda. OR eating dinner at home most nights.

Choose one thing and stick with it until it feels good and more of a habit than a chore. It may even take around 21 days for this to feel more like normal for you. Then you can choose another change to add to that.

Stick with this pattern for awhile and pretty soon HEALTHY will feel like your new normal.

Does all this seems overwhelming? Need a little guidance in getting started? Let’s have a Brainstorming Session to help you get going! It’s FREE and super helpful!

One client said,

“I can’t believe how helpful this phone conversation has been! Thank you, Carrie.”

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Can’t wait to brainstorm some ideas with you to help you get on your way to being healthier!


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