Success Stories

“After my 90 day transformation, I feel back to normal and am able to step out of stressful situations and get a grip on things before they make me too crazy. I always felt SO much better, refreshed, and supported after every single call!” -T

“After attending a workshop with Carrie, she helped put things in perspective and gave me something to think about for the future.”  -J.B.


clay 2Sometimes it’s the little things we do, or that we don’t do, that affect our lives in negative ways. Carrie helped me recognize areas of my life that needed to change, and apply techniques to improve my digestion, stress, and anxiety level. She genuinely cares about helping people improve their lives, and holds them accountable while giving them constant support and reassurance.  -Clay

Dr. Todd“Carrie is extremely motivating.  I’m always a pretty good self-starter, but this is a self-starter on nitrous!  And with a map and motivation!”  -Dr. Todd

connie (2)“Carrie brought the learning out in a way that was comfortable.  She has an aura of love and holiness.  She was a tremendous help to me.”  -Connie

heather (2)“After just a few weeks of working with Carrie, I am gaining confidence and feeling comfortable in my own skin.”  -Heather

kristie (2)“I spent 90 days on a health journey that proved to be monumental for me!  My health coach, Carrie, worked with me in setting personal goals for myself, and helped me to tailor my actions to support those goals.  She helped me stay accountable, and cheered me on when I lost confidence in myself.  I learned SO MUCH about food, self-care, relaxation, and even stress management.  I feel so much more in touch with my overall health and my own personal needs.  What I learned didn’t just impact me for those 90 days, but helped me to adapt and reprogram myself and my habits to be a better me!  THANK YOU CARRIE!!!!”  -Kristie


“It has been a quick 12 weeks and I have learned many things about being healthy, & how I can be a healthy person through mindful eating and meaningful movement.  I have lost 8 lbs and feel great! I know now that I can continue to “like” myself and have a good attitude about my body to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”  -Joyce