Do you know that 95% of our behavior occurs out of habit, either unconsciously or in reaction to external demands?!?!  That’s why we struggle to make changes that last. Even when the need for change is obvious and our intentions are strong we often fall short.  Plus, the ways of this world often pull our focus away from Christ which muddles up our desires.

The average person makes the same New Year’s Resolution 10 separate times without success.  Wowie!  And why is that?  They don’t have support and accountability.

As a master of habit change I can help you take charge of your life and your habits!

I am a health coach that listens compassionately to your needs, goals, and desires.  We will create a plan to help you take small, manageable steps toward creating your body to be a healthier temple for the Holy Spirit.  During this time you’ll not only be improving your physical health but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well.  Take a step forward into intimacy with God.

What do you need to help you grow closer to Christ and continue to have a body that is a healthy temple for the Holy Spirit?