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90 Day Total Transformation

During this 90 Day Total Transformation I listen intensely to YOU and help you deal with foggy brain, bloating, food sensitivities, exhaustion, tummy upset, sinus problems, allergies, and digestive issues and help you find relief through easy, sustainable, and fun diet and lifestyle changes.  Do you know anyone who wants to feel better and have more energy?

We will chat on the phone for about 45 minutes once a week for 12 weeks.  I will provide you with specific information hand-picked just for you to help with the symptoms you’re struggling with!  In addition, you have email access to me for any questions between sessions.


14 day cleanse

The Real Food Reset

Ready for a reset?!?! Join me for a 14 day real food reset to detox and cleanse your body in three easy phases.  Phase one will be for prepping (2 days).  Phase two is doing the real food reset (7 days, and phase three is re-introduction of foods back into your diet.  You will receive a reset manual complete with recipes, meal plans, cleanse enhancing activities, and more!  You will not feel deprived on this reset.  You will be filling your body with yummy, wholesome, organic, nutrient-dense food.

We’ll chat on the phone for about 45 minutes once a week throughout  your cleanse.  OR if you prefer I have coaching videos you can watch on your schedule! Let’s make this work for you!




Half Day – 3 hours

This kitchen makeover can be done in person or via Skype.  We will work together to determine what foods are healthiest for your body.  Then we will clear out the clutter from your pantries, cabinets, fridge, and freezer giving you room to restock with food that aligns with your goals.  In addition, we will create a one day meal plan complete with grocery list to get you started.

Full Day – 6 hours

You will get everything the half day offers in addition to a full week meal plan complete with grocery list.  AND a trip to the grocery store with me!  We will talk about what foods to buy and how to shop to keep you on track.


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Seminars and Talks

Do you need a health related informative talk for your group or company?  I have a wide range of topics and talk lengths to suit your needs!  Email me today at to get more information!


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Yoga Classes

No matter what your yoga skill level is I have a class for you.  If you’re in my area (near Abingdon, VA) I can come to you for a private or group class.  OR I’m happy to teach a class to you virtually.  In addition, I can teach a yoga retreat at your location!  Let me know how I can help you learn about this healing modality!



Essential Oil Classes

Free in person or virtual classes about essential oils.  I cover topics such as essential oil basics, immune support, emotional balance, and using essential oils with kids.  How can I support you and your integration of essential oils into your every day life?  To browse doTERRA products, shop for essential oils, or sign up to become a doTERRA wholesale customer visit my website at